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The Destrier: Campbell Mcconell and Anaïs Comer 24.05.2019 - 31.05.2019 

A series of small paintings and a performance by Campbell Mcconnell will be interlinked with a story written by Anaïs Comer; bringing the works together to create a singular narrative. Paintings by Mcconnell set the scene of battle-weary, contorted figures. Horses whose devilish riders morph into them. Mcconnell’s performance animates these figures, bringing the flattened 2D image into a more sculptural form. Comer's writing continues this narrative, establishing the world in which these medieval figures exist.

Anaïs Comer is an artist currently living and working in London having recently graduated from BA (Hons) Fine Art at Central Saint Martins. Recent group shows include Hewing Wittare, Elmer Projects, Light Eye Mind Gallery and Word in Transit. Residencies include Ravares in Croatia and The Old Courts in Wigan.

Campbell Mcconnell is an artist based in London having graduated from BA (Hons) Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, and has studied at The Academy of Arts Vienna. He is currently a studio holder at Creekside Artists in Deptford. He founded and directs Word in Transit an artist led performance platform that usually takes place on a public train carriage, and has recently taken part in ‘Yikes’ a celebration of awkward performance, Berlin, and ‘Pixelache Festival’ Curated by BF Artist Film Festival, in Helsinki, and had solo exhibitions at LUVA Gallery, London and The Museum of Human Achievement in Austin, Texas.

I tell stories. These stories are told through video, sculpture, written text and performance. The act of storytelling providing a constant framework in order to address concerns about gender, growing up, responsibility and language.

Using the grotesque to potentially parody or celebrate cultural ideas of success. Challenging expectations of identity within popular culture through absurd humour. Costume is sometimes used to inform fictional or non-fictional characters that address idiosyncrasies in consumer culture with a slight sense of anarchy. Working across sculpture, sound, video, drawing, painting and performance, these mediums usually feed into installations. @anaiscomer @campbell123_89

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