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Below The Floorboards – A Subterranean Communication Effort: Johanna De Verdier   24.05.2019 - 31.05.2019 

Below The Floorboards invites you to become a part of the circuit, to immerse yourself in a larger network of sprawling relations. The exhibition examines how organic bodies are increasingly defined by technological advancement and how other species communicate through intricate systems - and how we might learn and re-organise our own intimate connections from this. It takes a starting point in the cellar and relates to the spatial sense of being below the surface and among the critters thriving there, calling you to engage with their otherworldly presence and weave yourself into their circuitry.

Johanna de Verdier is an artist currently based in London, studying her 2nd year of BSc Digital Arts Computing at Goldsmiths, University of London. She has shown work in exhibitions such as “Self Protection Manifesto Launch” at the ICA and “Vårsolanche” at Galleri Slätten in Malmö, Sweden. As well as publishing written pieces in publications such as FEMME and ISM, she was also a core member of the design team in the recently launched student-led Goldsmiths art department magazine TANGLE.

In an increasingly stressed system, there is a need to develop new relations of care. By posing questions of survival, extinction and interconnectivity my work aims to reflect on human entanglement with technology and the way it has been integrated in both our environment and emotional life. The work speculates in a future where we are surrounded by organic-synthetic hybrid objects and a subversion of the idea that human =/= progress. It suggests a more touchy-feely relationship with both ourselves and our global digital environment.


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